SWK Technologies Deploys iVoice's Auto Speech Attendant

SWK Technologies has installed the iVoice Speech Enabled Auto Attendant.

Integrated with analog connectivity on an NEC PBX, SWK has implemented a solution that includes the iVoice Speech Enabled Auto Attendant.

The system facilitates communication for employees, customers, business partners and suppliers. It allows callers to use their own voice to reach a specific person or department.  By speaking a name, a caller can be transferred to the appropriate number. Callers do not have to deal with touchtone menus and spell-by-name directories.

Every department and employee is accessible from one local or long-distance phone number. The Speech Enabled Auto Attendant is provided by iVoice's subsidiary SpeechSwitch, Inc.

SWK Technologies, an information technology services and software company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trey Resources.

Mark Meller, CEO of Trey Resources, said, "SWK is focused on providing specialized solutions along with outstanding service. We believe the iVoice Auto Attendant will further facilitate our ability to provide our customers with the outstanding service they have come to expect from us."

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