Samsung Selects VoiceSignal's Voice Recognition for Its MM-A700 Wireless Phone

Samsung announced the launch of VoiceSignal's speech solution on the Samsung MM-A700 wireless phone, available on the Sprint Network. The VoiceSignal software is a one-command voice interface for dialing and launching applications on a phone. 

Additionally, the MM-A700 features a voice-enabled messaging application.  By saying the phrase "Send Text to John Smith," the VoiceSignal software addresses the message to the specified contact in the phone's contact list and opens the messaging application for the user.  This new VoiceSignal feature eliminates the need to search through the phone's menu and contact list, making it easier and less time consuming for the user to start sending messages.

The VoiceSignal solution also includes an user interface that enables the user to customize the setting of their phone to accommodate their own behavior and experience.  Within the settings menu, individuals can adjust a number of features, including turning the prompts off, adjusting the volume of the audio prompts and recognition sensitivity, as well as, setting the phone to launch the VoiceSignal application when the phone is opened.

The MM-A700 also is compatible with Samsung and VoiceSignal's PC Link software.

This software enables users to download their PC contact list directly to the MM-A700 thereby eliminating the process of manually entering the user's contact information on the phone. 

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