Sensory Software Integrates Acapela's Text-to-speech

Sensory Software has selected Acapela text to speech for its software - The Grid.
The Grid is a combination of symbol- and text-based communication screens and an on-screen keyboard which can be operated by any pointing device (mouse, trackball, touch screen, head pointer, joystick, etc.) as well as eye or head movement for people with very limited movement.

It is used both as an alternative to typing by people with a co-ordination or motor problems, and as an aid to literacy and learning. The system includes symbol-based systems for children and text-based ones for adults.

The screen displays a grid with a choice of symbols. Each grid can contain between two and 108 cells. Each cell can contain a picture symbol and/or a text prompt. The cell can type characters to the current application, run a program, speak a message or load a new grid. Text-to-speech can read aloud any text placed in a cell.

Acapela's text-to-speech reads aloud any text in the cell. It provides speech feedback, and content can be customized and updated. Users can choose from a choice of voices. By selecting symbols or typing text, users can use the Acapela voice-to-speak phrases.

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