Simon Says Launches On Prem v2 Video Transcription Solution

Simon Says, providers of an artificial intelligence-powered transcription and video assembly platform for video professionals, has released Simon Says On-Prem v2, its self-contained video transcription platform.

The offline software offers speech recognition, compliance with security protocols, an advanced neural network artificial intelligence engine, an editor where the video and transcript are always in sync; automatic transcript alignment to media start timecode; and seamless integrations with major video editing applications.

"Simon Says On-Prem was developed in response to enterprises and organizations who are precluded from sending audio, video, interviews, dailies, and edits to the cloud, and to comply with their workplace security policies," said Simon Says' chief technology officer, Roderick Hodgson, in a statement. "They want the productivity gains from advanced AI transcription, the security of on-prem, with the ease of use and price point of prosumer software. Simon Says On-Prem delivers on all fronts."

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