SnapStream Releases Version 6.1 of Its TV Monitoring Solution

SnapStream has released version 6.1 of its Enterprise TV Media Monitoring technology, with new language intelligence for improved TV search results, new TV playlists for sequenced playback of multiple pieces of content, expanded cloud sharing functionality, and enhancements to the Recording Manager. SnapStream also launched the new SnapStream ASI product line, which enables broadcasters to ingest and record the ASI format (Asynchronous Serial Interface).

SnapStream 6.1’s language intelligence expands on existing search capabilities to include broad matches, providing more relevant results in less searches. 

"We are taking into account a myriad of language factors so that SnapStream can deliver the most accurate and complete search results," said Michael Speriosu, software engineer at SnapStream, in a statement. "By ignoring suffixes, including synonyms, matching pronouns, and ignoring accents, SnapStream extrapolates what's being said on TV, not only word for word but also in between the lines."

SnapStream automatically corrects the closed captioning transcript for capitalization errors and misspellings.

For enhanced collaboration and sharing of TV clips in meetings, lectures, and presentations, SnapStream 6.1 introduces new TV playlists wthatich enable users to clip and play back multiple pieces of content in sequence. A new "unshare" feature allows clips to be pulled back at any time, and new reports allow users to track clip views and catalog all clips created.

SnapStream’s Recording Manager is the mission control center for TV recording schedules, setting priorities, and resolving conflicts. The Recording Manager makes it easier for users to resolve recording conflicts when they occur by using job priorities to decide which recordings matter the most.

The new SnapStream ASI hardware enables broadcasters to ingest and record digital content streams in the ASI format, the standard format for TV production and broadcast facilities, while leveraging SnapStream’s powerful TV monitoring technology.

"The biggest news, without a doubt, is how SnapStream 6.1 is breaking new ground and setting new standards in the accuracy and relevancy of TV search results," said Aaron Thompson, president of SnapStream, in a statement. "One of the most compelling features of SnapStream has always been its ability to search TV recordings and send alerts based on closed captioning data. We have enhanced this search capability to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate results in the industry. This makes it easier than ever for clients like "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" to find the most relevant TV material. Additionally, with SnapStream ASI, broadcasting entities are able to get the full benefits of SnapStream."

Language intelligence, TV playlists, enhanced Cloud Sharing, and the enhanced Recording Manager are included in all deployments of SnapStream 6.1. SnapStream ASI can be purchased as a stand-alone node or added on to any existing cluster.

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