Sonde Health Acquires NeuroLex Labs

Sonde Health, a provider of a vocal biomarker technology platform that detects health symptoms from a few seconds of voice, has acquired NeuroLex Laboratories, a provider of voice-enabled survey and data acquisition platforms. Financial terms of the deal were not released.

In the move, Sonde will acquire NeuroLex's web-enabled voice survey and analysis platform, as well as its rich dataset, which when combined with Sonde's voice-based dataset, forms one biobank focused on vocal biomarkers. In addition, merging Sonde's mobile and voice-assistant platforms with NeuroLex's web-based capabilities will enable voice-enabled heath detection and monitoring over any platform.

"At Sonde, we have unlocked voice as a new vital sign to enable secure, accessible, and non-intrusive monitoring of health. Incorporating NeuroLex's impressive work in voice-based surveys and research moves us significantly forward in becoming the one-stop shop for health condition detection and monitoring through voice," said David Liu, CEO of Sonde Health, in a statement. "NeuroLex's voice-based survey platform and biobank will accelerate our research and development and our collection and analysis of high-quality voice data, bolstering all the products we provide to our customers."

"I'm beyond excited to join Sonde's amazing team and mission," said Jim Schwoebel, CEO of NeuroLex who will join Sonde's leadership team as vice president of data and research, in a statement. "We started NeuroLex to create a voice test to help screen for psychosis and related psychiatric conditions. Together with Sonde, we will expand beyond these conditions to transform the way both physical and mental health are detected and managed to positively impact lives."

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