Speakeasy AI Secures Angel Investment

Speakeasy AI, a provider of artificial intelligence via Speech-to-Intent, announced its company launch, including its confirmed angel investment round led by Richard Simons. Simons, the former founder of Creative Virtual USA, is founding and backing his second venture in the artificial intelligence space, and says he is excited to enable Speakeasy AI to fill a clearly identified gap in this high velocity market.

Simons’ angel investment is being done with a team from his prior venture at Creative Virtual USA across several disciplines. This team was instrumental in helping Simons grow Creative Virtual USA to over 40 employees and deliver more Fortune 500 virtual assistant deployments than any other competitor in the United States. Speakeasy AI launches its website today and will be announcing its executive team in a subsequent release.

Speakeasy AI uses what it says is the world’s first and only Speech-to-Intent solution to understand customers in their own voice without relying solely upon traditional speech-to-text methods. This revolutionary solution allows for full conversational voice understanding, real-time analytics, and rapid deployment cycles. Speakeasy AI is the first and only artificial intelligence company to provide Active Listening Pilots, which enable enterprises to understand their customers before attempting self-service actions. Speakeasy AI empowers businesses by integrating with existing chatbot or AI platform investments into voice channels.

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