Speech Cube Version 4.2 Supports TTS Standard

TOULOUSE, FRANCE - Scheduled for December 15th, the release of Speech Cube Version 4.2 now supports SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language defined by W3C consortium) for quicker integration within VoiceXML based applications. SSML provides flexible access to several TTS features and dynamic switching of voices and languages. This new feature benefits both Elan Tempo and Elan Sayso technologies for Telecom applications. SSML, which complements already supported JSML for JavaSpeech, is supported via the following APIs : SAPI 4, SAPI 5, ELAN NSC API, NVIF. Also included in this release, an improved version of Elan Sayso in French which provides a natural sounding quality combined with high density. The latest benchmarks are showing over 250 simultaneous TTS conversions with Elan Tempo and over 50 simultaneous sessions with Elan Sayso. The new packaging of this version simplifies the installation, the configuration and the integration of Speech Cube in telecom applications. A trial version of Speech Cube V4.2 powered by Elan Tempo will be available for testing in our download section by the end of December.
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