Speech Recognition Ware Launches Transcription Aid

Speech Recognition Ware announced the launch of Transcription Aid for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This new software increases the productivity of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 8, accuracy rates of 97-99 percent can be achieved. With the correction of each error, it continually perfects its understanding of the speaker's voice and delivery.
The secretary reads the file transcribed by Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Pro, Medical or Legal) with the Transcription Aid interface. Whenever an illogical word or phrase due to misrecognition occurs, a press of the foot pedal, function key, or mouse-click enables the secretary to hear the pronunciation of the person that dictated the document in synchronization with the text.
Transcription Aid allows delegation of the task of improving the Dragon user's voice profiles, without the user even being there. The profile is improved automatically whenever the errors are corrected.
Transcription Aid not only accepts the sound input generated by someone dictating into Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it can also convert and save files from digital recorders, PDAs, MP3 music players with voice recording capabilities, and even smartphones.

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