Speech Semantic Provider Yactraq Partners with Venture Firm

Yactraq Online, a canadian speech analytics solutions startup, has entered into a long-term partnership with Intellectual Ventures, which backs providers of innovative technologies.

Yactraq specializes in providing next-generation data analytics and search solutions for audio and video data

Yactraq provides business intelligence on audio and video media through custom solutions built on its speech-based semantic computing platform, Yactraq Speech2Topics. The platform powers intelligence solutions by monitoring digital and broadcast media and analyzing phone calls.

Through the partnership, Yactraq is poised to accelerate the emerging field of speech-based semantics and drive the adoption of comprehensive business intelligence that consolidates information across all types of data—ranging across Facebook and Twitter text, to YouTube video, customer phone calls, broadcast media, chat logs, and more—into a single dashboard.

This partnership provides Yactraq with access to Intellectual Ventures' patent portfolio of more than 40,000 intellectual property (IP) assets, and to Intellectual Ventures’ IP-for-Defense program, a strategic defense tool designed to level the playing field for companies faced with infringement claims from competitors.

"By partnering with Intellectual Ventures and participating in its IP-for-Defense program, we gain the latitude to continue our focus on developing high impact business solutions knowing our trajectory is safeguarded through IV’s support," said Yactraq CEO Jeh Daruvala in a statement. "There really is no comparable partner to IV. They provide an invaluable benefit that gives small businesses like ours the chance to openly drive innovation and challenge the industry."

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