Speech Vendors Assist with COVID Vaccines

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As the nation embarks on a COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, a number of speech and customer service technology vendors have stepped up to assist with the massive undertaking.

Among them is Nuance Communications, which has introduced an artificial intelligence-enabled COVID Vaccine Assistant to help organizations on the front lines of vaccine distribution, such as pharmacies and healthcare providers, manage the influx of questions consumers will have on availability, eligibility, dosage timing, and more. The platform will guide customers throughout the vaccination process from before a pharmacy visit to post-vaccination follow up.

It provides predictive, personal solutions to predict and automate answers to frequently asked questions through channels like websites, SMS, or customer service lines.

Nuance previously created something similar that organizations use for flu shots and is applying that same technology at a much bigger scale and pace to handle questions consumers have about the COVID vaccine.

And Genesys has introduced COVID-19 Vaccine Rapid Response, a digital solution that will enable companies to use AI-driven chatbots to help address the wave of expected requests for information.

"Businesses like retailers, grocery stores and pharmacies are playing a critical role in getting the vaccines out into our communities," said Tony Bates, CEO of Genesys, in a statement. "They will also face unprecedented demand to provide consumers accurate and relevant information about the availability of vaccines and the administration process. Our goal is to support these companies, many of whom are Genesys customers, to provide the most responsive service during this extraordinary time."

Built on Genesys Cloud, COVID-19 Vaccine Rapid Response can include digital tools such as AI-driven chatbots, voice, messaging, email management, self-service, call recording, and notifications to handle consumer inquiries at massive scale. It can relay the most up-to-date, curated COVID-19 vaccine information, such as availability, general timing, and manufacturer updates; respond to customer inquiries about vaccine safety, efficacy, durability, and adverse event monitoring and reporting; provide transparency into the number of vaccines in stock at specific pharmacy locations; and facilitate an escalation path to the organization's contact center supported through voice and digital channels.

And DocASAP, a patient access and engagement platform provider for the healthcare industry,  launched the COVID-19 Vaccination Coordination Solution to help providers and payers guide people through the vaccination process with pre-appointment engagement, online appointment scheduling and reminders, and post-appointment wellness tracking.

"We will be working closely with the healthcare community to help them coordinate access to these vaccinations. Together, we will navigate these challenging times and continue to help providers and payers connect patients and members to the right care, when they need it," said Puneet Maheshwari, co-founder and CEO of DocASAP, in a statement.

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