SpeechConcept and IBM Partner

ARMONK, N.Y. and HEIDELBERG, Germany - SpeechConcept chose IBM (NYSE: IBM) WebSphere® Voice Server (WVS) to apply natural language understanding capabilities to its telephony products, allowing callers to react or respond to a query or command by speaking. 

One of SpeechConcept's customers, VoiceWebOne uses IBM WebSphere Voice Server to provide 'concierge' voice-enabled capability to its services by calling a specially designated number.  Call domains behind the services are able to host a variety of applications accessible by phone.  For example, callers, no matter what locale they're in, can ask for 'CD's, 'movies' or 'pizza' and the service will tell them the names and phone numbers of regional merchants.  Callers then make a selection, saying, 'call Jerry's Pizza,' and the service will dial the number.  Additionally subscribers can let the service tell callers they are on vacation and direct them to alternate phone numbers.

A Web-based dialogue platform in voice-enabled telephony applications allows call domain subscribers (like pizza services, voting, information hotlines, ordering systems, CD outlets..) to tailor these voice-enabled dialogues to their individual requirements.  No programming skills are necessary.  Dialogues are designed by getting on a computer and dragging and dropping icons. 

In addition to their initiative with VoiceWebOne, SpeechConcept works with traffic hotlines at radio stations providing speech-enabled information services relevant to motorists in the region or city served by the broadcaster. 

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