SpeechCycle Launches Automated Tech Support Solution for OpenCable Devices

SpeechCycle’s LevelOne Video Automated Agent now provides troubleshooting and corrective action for callers with OpenCable Platform-certified set-top boxes.

For OpenCable Platform (formerly called OCAP) set-top boxes, LevelOne Video agent provides speech-enabled diagnostics and corrective action that takes into account OpenCable Platform-specific software characteristics and appliance features.

The OpenCable Platform is a cable industry specification introduced by the cable technology consortium CableLabs, and is endorsed by a number of other industry groups. The goal of the OpenCable Platform is to provide a common foundation for cable service providers, consumer electronics companies, and others to add interactivity to television, enhance on-screen guide navigation, and support new capabilities such as facilitating the presentation of TV content on a PC, videogame console, and mobile phones.

SpeechCycle's LevelOne Video Agent utilizes natural language speech recognition to identify issues described by callers in their own words, and engages them in a diagnostic conversation to resolve technical support calls without agent assistance. The OpenCable Platform-aware LevelOne Video Agent is able to identify and troubleshoot set-top boxes from vendors such as Scientific Atlanta and Samsung. A new method for resetting OpenCable Platform set-top boxes with on-screen guide navigation is now supported by LevelOne Video's diagnostic dialogs and corrective action knowledge bases.

"The OpenCable Platform specification with its two-way digital cable ready products, plug-and-play capabilities, and exciting new video features for consumers will also make customer care more challenging," said Zor Gorelov, CEO of SpeechCycle. "SpeechCycle offers the first OpenCable Platform-aware automated technical support solution and is ready to assist cable companies that will be required to work with many more vendors of set-top boxes and cable cards."

Keeping call center agents trained to support a growing list of vendor equipment and new video features will create additional complexity for customer care managers. SpeechCycle products are designed to provide assistance and keep pace with frequent changes by working with call centers to continually support a growing list of features and devices.

The LevelOne Video Agent will completely resolve calls as well as send details to a contact center agent's desktop when diagnostic effort is exhausted and agent assistance is needed. Agents receive information, such as the make and model of an OpenCable Platform-based device and the diagnostic steps taken. LevelOne Video also provides suggestions to the agent for the next diagnostic step to be taken.

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