SpeechPro Unveils VoiceKey

SpeechPro, the U.S. based unit of Russia's Speech Technology Center, has released VoiceKey, a cross-platform voice authentication and management solution based on the company's proprietary algorithms.

"VoiceKey is much more than a one-dimensional biometric authentication system," said SpeechPro president Alexey Khitrov in a statement. "In our experience there are very few projects that are similar to the point that can be fulfilled with a typical off-the-shelf solution."

In addition to text-dependent voice verification, SpeechPro offers additional anti-spoofing options as "change of speaker" detection. Emotional state analysis can also be used as a customer satisfaction monitoring solution or quality management tool for call centers.

Another offering from SpeechPro is a multi-modal biometric solution that combines voice and face authentication.

"We offer customers and partners the flexibility to choose from a number of options to build customized solutions whether they are for the IVR, mobile, call-center, law enforcement, corrections or other platforms or markets," Khitrov said.  

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