SpeechSwitch and Telaid Partner

SpeechSwitch completed their first order for a speech enabled auto attendant, "SEAA" from Telaid, a Connecticut based technology deployment and service company. Telaid has been hired to deploy speech recognition equipment into an investment firms.  SpeechSwitch, Inc. was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of iVoice prior to the spin-off from iVoice that was completed in August 2005, as a special stock dividend distribution to iVoice shareholders.

Telaid implemented a Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant.  By installing the iVoice Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant, their customer's clients can call in and speak the name of the person or department they are looking for and be transferred.

SpeechSwitch's Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant system allows customers to use their voice to navigate to the person they want to speak with.

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