SpinVox Powers 0800TXTMUM

An initiative designed to ensure that children are always able to contact their parents by phone launched today. The service—0800TXTMUM—works from mobile phones, payphones, and landlines and enables children to get in contact with their parents should they run out of credit on their mobile phones, if their battery fails and there is no charger to hand, or even when they are in an area with no mobile signal.

The reverse-charge SMS text service features SpinVox, which enables 0800TXTMUM to automatically convert to text voice messages left by kids that are then sent to their parents as SMS messages.

It was developed using the SpinVox API (Application Programming Interface) which leverages SpinVox VMCS, the world’s largest commercial speech platform and the world’s first cloud speech service.

To initiate the service the parent simply goes to the 0800TXTMUM website to register, then, should their child need to use the service, their son or daughter simply dials 0800TXTMUM (0800 898 686) from their mobile phone or a landline and leaves a ten second voice message which will be automatically converted to a text message and sent to the parent’s designated number.

The process is the same from a payphone or landline other than, in the case of landlines, the child will additionally have to enter their parent’s designated phone number. The service charges around UK£1 each time it is used which is billed to the designated parent’s mobile account.

SpinVox co-founder and CEO, Christina Domecq said: “It’s seven times quicker to speak a message than to input it by keyboard and seven time faster to read a message than to dial into voicemail. Research also shows that, increasingly, around the world people are waiting hours before picking up a voicemail message or even ignoring them completely.”

“0800TXTMUM will ensure that your child’s message gets through first time, every time,” she added. “They leave messages in the fastest, simplest and most natural way possible – using their voice – and you are alerted immediately via SMS which you can read quickly and discretely.”

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