Spoken Acquires GotVoice

Spoken Communications bought the voicemail transcription service from GotVoice.

The voicemail transcription service uses free-form speech recognition technology, designed specifically for voicemail content, to deliver voicemail-to-text conversions.  It requires no infrastructure upgrades or capital outlays.

"This acquisition makes a lot of sense because Spoken and GotVoice share the same approach to meeting customers’ quality and cost demands,” said Howard Lee, CEO of Spoken Communications. “We don’t force tradeoffs. We both provide hybrid solutions that combine software with a human safety net, so we both deliver high quality services, cost-effectively.”

Scott Davis, executive director and officer of Xeta Technologies, an integrator of advanced cutting-edge communication technologies, said: “I am excited about how Spoken will be using these new voice-to-text translation capabilities to benefit call centers. They are automating the creation of the service ticket. This is a huge value to us, in our own contact center as well as customers’, because technology is being used to improve the utilization of our best resources, the human customer service representative.”

Currently, at the end of each call, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) has to create a “service ticket” manually. That means CSR’s need to remember what the customer said and do the data entry themselves. The CSR spends a substantial portion of call time having to summarize the call at the expense of supporting additional customers.

With Spoken, the service ticket creation is automated by using technology to capture the voice conversation, which the translation service then automatically converts into text to create a digital service ticket. This automated process improves accuracy, removes the burden of data entry from CSR’s, and increases contact center efficiency.

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