StreamUnlimited Updates StreamSDK for Voice Assistants

StreamUnlimited has updated its StreamSDK software stack with multiple voice assistant combinations.

As a member of the Amazon-led Voice Interoperability Initiative, StreamUnlimited is pioneering technology to enable multiple voice assistant integrations in audio products. This can include offline assistants for playback control, or region-specific voice assistants . StreamUnlimited has also added support for smart home devices through StreamThings.

Additionally, Amazon Alexa Comms and Messaging and Frustration Free Setup are available within StreamSDK. FFS simplifies network setup of new devices by using existing Amazon Voice Services products to share credentials. Comms and Messaging enables the user to make calls and send messages to an enabled device with the Alexa app.

StreamUnlimited is also working with Tencent Xiaowe on a Chinese language voice assistant.

Other innovations in the latest SDK include immersive sound for streaming multichannel audio content; Chromecast, Apple AirPlay2, and Amazon Micless-MRM connectivity; Tidal Connect for content streaming to mobile devices, and Amazon Music HD.

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