Suki Adds Mobile as a Mic Functionality in Latest Platform Release

Suki, a provider of voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare, has added features and voice-enabled capabilities to its flagship Suki Assistant in the Fall '22 Release.

The new features include the following:

  • Mobile as a mic, allowing doctors using Suki Assistant to use their phones to dictate and issue commands.
  • A more comprehensive diagnosis coding experience, including support for duplicate ICD-10 codes, enabling doctors to use the same codes for different problems. Suki also now displays the native problem labels retrieved from the electronic health record.
  • New voice commands for editing and navigation, including the ability to add new lines or paragraphs by voice and navigate to different areas of the app using simple commands, like "Suki, help."

"Launch and iterate sits at the heart of Suki's mission to create solutions where every pixel is in the service of the doctor," said Punit Soni, CEO of Suki, in a statement. "When you use Suki, you don't just get the product you bought. You get a continuous stream of updates and new features that will save you time and make your experience better so that you can focus on what you do best: clinical care. We are excited to offer this robust, proven voice-enabled solution that is lifting administrative burden in an accessible and affordable way."

Suki works on iOS and Android mobile devices, the web, and as a native Windows application.

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