SuperChoice Embeds Auraya's EVA Voice Biometric Technology in Its Platform

SuperChoice, an Australian digital service provider, has added Auraya's EVA Voice Biometrics as another layer of multifactor identity verification for users of its solutions. With it, users can verify their identities on all devices by voice.

"Making decisions about security is not a decision we make lightly at SuperChoice. Our reputation and our customers' reputation depend on us getting it right. We chose Auraya's voice biometric technology because it can seamlessly integrate with our platform, adding another layer of multifactor authentication to our user experience, one that's secure, easy, and convenient for the user," said John Halls, chief technology officer of SuperChoice, in a statement.

"EVA, Auraya's voice biometric system for multifactor authentication, is helping organizations provide a convenient method for legitimate users to access their data while preventing fraudsters from accessing records to do account takeovers and perpetrate cybercrime," said Paul Magee, CEO of Auraya, in a statement. "SuperChoice is a leader in their industry, with millions of transactions going through their platform. We are proud to have been selected to add another layer of security and convenience into their systems."

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