SyncWords Launches Automatic Live Captions and Subtitles in 48 Languages

SyncWords, a provider of live captioning for virtual and hybrid events, is offering artificial intelligence-powered live captions and subtitles in 48 languages, backed by Speechmatics automatic speech recognition.

"At Speechmatics, we are continually developing our speech recognition technology to ensure it can be used by as many people as possible, as easily as possible, and it understands everyone as accurately as possible," said Ricardo Herreros-Symons, a co-founder of Speechmatics, in a statement. "Working together with SyncWords on its expansion into new markets to offer 48 languages for both live and on-demand content is truly exciting. We look forward to seeing how this enhances the user experience for people everywhere."

It will be available on more than 40 virtual event platforms for virtual, hybrid, in-person events, town halls, classrooms, webinars, commencements, Zoom sessions, Webex meetings, OTT, social media streams, podcasts, keynotes, product launches, and others.

Accuracy in automatic live captioning and subtitling can be enhanced with both custom-built and default ASR dictionaries and Translation glossaries, extending into more than 100 output languages, ensuring that critical vocabulary, names, and brands will be correctly transcribed, translated, and delivered in real time to virtual event platforms, mobile phones, and web browsers.

SyncWords captures audio directly from the meeting application and sends it to the SyncWords Live platform for automatic captioning. SyncWords Live enables live event planners to test automatic captioning workflows ahead of their live events or conferences and try the automatic captioning themselves.

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