Tech S2 Releases CaseScribePC Wireless Dictation and Transcription Solution

LANSING, N.Y. - Tech S2, Inc. released CaseScribePC, the new desktop version of their CaseScribe hosted automated speech recognition transcription solution that allows users to dictate using a headset at their desktop PC, or upload audio files from a handheld digital voice recorder.  CaseScribe, a product of Tech S2, is a Web-based application service (ASP) solution combining speech recognition and the Internet in a digital dictation and transcription tool.  CaseScribe's technology transcribes remotely dictated voice notes, and makes the transcription available from any location via any standard Web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

CaseScribePC is designed for users dictating at a Windows based desktop, laptop or tablet PC, using a headset; dictated audio files can also be uploaded from a handheld digital voice recorder (with PC connectivity).  CaseScribePDA, released in September 2005, supports mobile voice dictation - using the CaseScribe voice recording software, users dictate remotely using a wireless enabled Windows Mobile handheld PDA (with wireless Internet capability) or PDA smart phone (with Internet capability).  The voice files are then uploaded to the CaseScribe servers, where they are transcribed, stored, and ready for review.

"CaseScribe allows me to dictate my clinical records and receive my transcribed notes in minutes. These notes can then be placed into my electronic clinical database in seconds. Prior to CaseScribe, my notes were either handwritten into paper documents or typed into our electronic documentation, which was much more difficult for both myself and my staff," said Dr. John C. Comisi, D.D.S., in Ithaca, NY.  "We are getting closer to a "paperless" office and CaseScribe has made this an easier goal to achieve in my office. It's an invaluable tool!"

With CaseScribe, transcriptions can also be viewed, edited, and saved on a Windows PDA or PDA phone.  Using the CaseScribe Web site portal, users, or their staff, can review, edit, and download their transcriptions and listen to the original dictation.  Transcriptions can be edited by the speaker or with CaseScribe's Editor function by the existing office staff or transcriptionists.  In addition, the transcription text can be placed into an electronic medical, legal, or financial records system. 

CaseScribe leverages the Nuance® Dragon NaturallySpeaking® SDK Server Edition to power speech recognition in its automated back-end server-based transcription application, allowing for transcribing of dictations.  CaseScribe is HIPAA compliant, utilizing 128 bit SSL technology data encryption, with redundant and mirrored servers. 

According to Dr. Scott D. Benjamin, D.D.S. from Norwich, NY, "With CaseScribe it has never been easier for dental professionals to manage specialized patient data such as notes specific to oral and facial surgeries and clinical situations that require detailed notes. With CaseScribe, dentists can simply dictate into their PC and within minutes their notes are transcribed and securely available on their PC for transfer into their local electronic patient record". Dr. Benjamin is on the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics (SCDI) and is Chairman of the Digital Photography and Imaging working group, the Data Redundancy, Integrity and Storage working group and Co-Chairman of the Electronic Clinical Patient Records working group.

With the release of CaseScribePC, Tech S2, Inc. has also launched the newly designed CaseScribe Web site.  In addition, a PDA version of the Web site has been added at www.casescribe.com/pda.

In addition to medical, medical specialty, and general transcription vocabularies, CaseScribe has now added a legal vocabulary.  Now legal professionals can dictate wirelessly using CaseScribePDA or at any desktop PC using CaseScribePC as well as receive voice-to-text transcription processing. 


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