Tektronix Partners with Nexidia

Tektronix, a provider of video quality monitoring solutions, has partnered with Nexidia to integrate Nexidia Comply software to bring automated analysis of closed-caption content to its suite of Sentry video quality monitors.

Using Sentry, broadcasters and cable operators can verify the technical elements of closed captions, such as whether captions are present, appear at the right time, and are properly placed, among other factors. Now, with the integration of the Nexidia Comply software, Sentry will also be able to ensure that the text presented in a closed caption accurately matches the spoken dialogue.

"One of the clear requirements outlined in FCC Title 47 that went into effect earlier this year is that captions must match spoken words," said Ian Valentine, business director of the video product line at Tektronix, in a statement. "Through this partnership with Nexidia we are giving our Sentry customers an automated and efficient way to verify compliance with the entire set of FCC closed-caption requirements, including accuracy and synchronicity."

Nexidia Comply, part of the Nexidia Illuminate software suite, uses patented speech recognition technology to check the validity of closed captions in comparison to spoken language. Integration with Sentry means there will be no changes needed in workflow, monitoring or reporting processes to take advantage of Nexidia Comply's closed-caption content analysis.

"For many years, the industry's largest cable and OTT providers have relied on Tektronix for test and measurement tools as well as QC monitoring, a process that's only becoming more critical in this regulatory environment," said Drew Lanham, senior vice president and general manager of Nexidia Media & Entertainment Division, in a statement. "By adding Nexidia Comply to its Sentry monitoring solutions, Tektronix is giving Sentry users a way to confirm compliance of captions, video description, and languages, ensuring they meet customer expectations and FCC standards."

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