Tell-Eureka Launches LevelOne Customer Care Self-Service Solution

NEW YORK, NY - Tell-Eureka Corporation launched LevelOne Virtual CSR, a customer care solution intendd to enhance existing contact center environments with speech-based self-service applications that are integrated with the Web. DYMO, a manufacturer of electronic and PC based labelmakers, selected the LevelOne self-service solution to enhance its technical customer service operation. Callers now have a way to resolve problems using step-by-step troubleshooting instructions from the automated LevelOne system. Calls for complex issues are transferred to live agents along with all of the information collected on the call by LevelOne so the agent can avoid repeat questions. "With LevelOne, DYMO was able to use our existing Web support knowledge bases and make the same information available to our callers. LevelOne's conversational speech technology allows us to cut costs while maintaining a high level of customer service," said Joseph Horvath, Director of Customer Relations at DYMO. "Our customers have been very pleased with the intuitive nature and ease-of-use of the system." LevelOne Virtual CSR LevelOne automates first-level customer support to resolve common product issues and inquiries over the phone with no human involvement. Commonly reported problems account for the majority of total call volume and are the easiest to address with self-service. LevelOne's Customer Interaction Platform allows callers to respond to questions using conversational speech in the same way they would converse with a live agent. By handling the most common issues, LevelOne can reduce the cost per call minute by as much as 80 percent and the overall cost of operation by as much as 50 percent. Additionally, LevelOne can help provide a consistent level of customer service, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased customer retention. "Customer self-service is a top priority for most businesses. The challenge is to meet customer needs while managing the ever increasing costs of customer care," said Zor Gorelov, CEO of Tell-Eureka. "LevelOne allows companies to leverage their investments in Web self-service to support their customers on the most widely used customer contact channel - the phone. It allows a contact center to actually improve customer care by reducing caller wait time, managing spikes in call volumes more efficiently and lowering the overall cost of operation." Contact centers that implement LevelOne can focus their agents on the more complex issues that require special expertise and attention. With 24/7 availability, LevelOne can substitute for live agents to provide self-service support during off hours and weekends. Multi-Channel Self-Service LevelOne's Customer Interaction Platform provides self-service support across multiple customer interaction channels. It allows companies to define their support procedures once and publish that information for use on the phone or on the Web to reduce application development costs and time. With LevelOne, contact centers can unify and standardize customer support procedures and ensure consistency of the customer experience across multiple channels.
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