Tell-Eureka Launches Two New Products for Phone-Based Self-Service for Cable and Broadband Providers

NEW YORK - Tell-Eureka launched two new self-service products that automate phone-based support for cable and broadband service providers.  LevelOne Video Agent and LevelOne Broadband Agent interact with callers to troubleshoot technical support problems. 


LevelOne Video and Broadband Agents, using advanced speech recognition technology, are able to identify the reason for a call, provide instructions to resolve specific issues, and ensure that each task is completed successfully to avoid callbacks. 


Through integration with telephony, billing, provisioning and trouble ticket systems, LevelOne Video and Broadband Agents have access to the same information as live agents such as subscriber account information, equipment status and outage areas to intelligently resolve caller problems in the shortest possible time.  LevelOne agents are trained and then continually improved based on feedback from calls using LevelOne real-time reporting and analysis tools.   Once a LevelOne agent knows about improved support processes, that knowledge is available across the board to deliver highly consistent customer service around the clock.  Satisfaction surveys conducted by the automated agents as part of the call help to gauge the overall customer experience. 


LevelOne Video Agent

The LevelOne Video Agent is able to diagnose and troubleshoot a variety of issues for video service subscribers, such as poor picture quality, missing channels, sound and volume problems, Video On Demand or Pay per View issues, and problems with the interactive guide.  LevelOne has been trained on tens of thousands of actual caller problem descriptions to understand these issues and provide clear steps leading to resolution.


LevelOne Broadband Agent

The LevelOne Broadband Agent diagnoses broadband connectivity and email service issues over the phone.  This is especially important for callers who cannot access self-service support via the Internet.  The automated agent works with the caller to troubleshoot problems with the PC, cable modem, home network, cabling, and software settings for both Windows and MacIntosh. 


LevelOne Virtual CSR Platform 

Built on open-standards, the LevelOne Virtual CSR platform uses advanced speech recognition technology and the Web services framework, and supports VoiceXML 2.0 and SALT.  LevelOne integrates with CRM and call center back-end systems using XML and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).  This allows the automated agents to access the same customer information available to live agents.  The results of every call are captured and, with the LevelOne real-time reporting engine, detailed call statistics are available for data mining along with valuable business intelligence, such as problem frequency, and insight into product quality.

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