Texas Firm Sues HP and LG over Speech Patents

Cedatech Holdings, a Texas firm, last week sued computer hardware manufacturer Hewlett-Packard and Korean electronics company LG for infringing one of its patent through the use of speech recognition software in their products.

The suit alleges that HP and LG have infringed U.S. Patent No. 7,707,591, entitled "Integration of Audio or Video Program with Application Program." The patent was originally issued to California-based computer services provider Talkway in April 2010. Cedatech has since acquired the patent from Talkway. 

The patent relates to, among other things, a system running an application program, wherein a separate audio or video program is integrated with the application program.

Cedatech alleges that HP’s 10 tablet and LG’s G Flex smartphone both use the patented technology, albeit indirectly. Consumers, Cedatech charges, are induced to use the smartphone with speech recognition to provide input into separate application programs.

Cedatech filed similar lawsuits in July against Apple, HTC, and Dell.


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