Text-To-Speech, Intelligibility Testing Report

Voice Information Associates (VIA) announces the pre-release of its "Intelligibility Testing" of the leading TTS products. The TTS Intelligibility Testing report presents the detail results obtained from testing the leading TTS products. Each TTS product is scored on its ability to properly pronounce words and phrases that are encountered in typical TTS telephony applications. Specific problematical areas such as number processing; words of foreign origin; acronyms; abbreviations; and names/addresses are the focus of this report. The test result information obtained is presented in tabular form for ease of comparing the relative performance of each TTS product. This report provides information, which permits the relative intelligibility of TTS products to be assessed in an unbiased fashion. Offered through New Business Resources, the price for the TTS Intelligibility report is $895, in hard copy and electronic version.

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