The Learning Systems Group of Freedom Scientific Releases WYNN 5.1

PALO ALTO, Calif. - The Learning Systems Group of Freedom Scientific, Inc. released the newest version of WYNN software. WYNN 5.1 includes further enhancements to support its solution for reading Web-based content and for reading books that meet NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) goals.

Using WYNN 5.1, students can read DAISY and NIMAS formatted books.  Textbooks can be spoken aloud, and can be visually customized for each student's needs.  WYNN also provides study tools, such as highlighting, bookmarks, and dictionaries.  WYNN integrates all these tools into one solution. 

NIMAS is a national standard for the format of electronic textbooks for use in K-12 schools.  This standard is based on the DAISY format, an internationally accepted e-book format that has been in use since 1999. 

WYNN 5.1 will ship with both RealSpeak Solo and ETI-Eloquence, the latest voices from Nuance. 

WYNN 5 introduced a redesigned Web-browser.  Some of the Web-based features in WYNN 5 include:  Web text being read out loud; WebMasking, the patented feature that highlights selected text on a Web page by line, sentence, or paragraph while blocking out elements like advertisements; highlighting directly on a live Web page; and extracting the highlighted text into a WYNN document with one mouse click.

Some of the new features of WYNN 5.1 include the ability to have hyperlinks spoken while hovering the mouse over them, auto-completion of Web addresses, Web information extracted into one document, and enhanced ability to find text on Web pages. 

WYNN 5 users may also access all standard WYNN features which include:

  • Seeing & hearing text 
  • Ability to visually customize text pages 
  • Study tools including Spell Check, Highlighting, Text Note, Voice Note, Dictionary and Thesaurus 
  • Ability to access virtually any type of text including printed pages, electronic text, Web sites, or PDF


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