The U.S. District Court of Florida to Implement SpeechWorks Speaker Verification

Frank Solutions has been selected by the U.S. District Court in South Florida to provide the TelePath Voice Recognition platform for its Parolee and Probation Division.

TelePath will provide both inbound and outbound call processing for the U.S. District Court using speech recognition and SpeechSecure speaker verification technology from SpeechWorks International.

The U.S. District Court monitors the activities of all its parolees and probationers, requiring that they report to the U.S. District Court on a scheduled basis. The speech-enabled TelePath platform will be instrumental in helping the court maintain a monitoring process.

To meet the Court's requirements, TelePath will utilize SpeechWorks' speech recognition and speaker verification technology to verify a caller's identity based on the characteristics of his or her unique vocal patterns. Parolees and probationers enroll their voice by saying a variety of identifying codes and phrases that are then stored as unique to the individual parolee or probationer. Once a week, or once a month, the parolee or probationer will be required to call into the speech-enabled application and answer a series of questions. Once the caller's identity is confirmed using speaker verification the caller will be prompted to answer questions that will be updated on a real time basis to the Court's database. In the event that a caller's identity is not confirmed, a Court representative will be immediately contacted by TelePath to inform them of the situation.

By speech-enabling this monitoring process, the U.S. District Court can track parolees and probationers without using live agents. TelePath will also provide System Outbound Dialing for the home monitoring of parolees and probationers using SpeechWorks speech recognition and speaker verification technologies. TelePath will place random calls to confirm that a parolee or probationer is at home during pre-defined time periods. "This will be an exciting implementation for FSI and TelePath solution," said Bruce Frank, President & CEO at Frank Solutions. "The U.S. District Courts will be utilizing TelePath to implement state-of-the-art speech recognition and speaker verification technology. This is a good example of how TelePath can be used to provide highly secure speech applications that streamline the daily processes of the Courts."

"We're pleased to work with Frank Solutions to deliver our first joint speaker verification application to the federal government," said Steve Chambers, chief marketing officer at SpeechWorks. "Speaker verification technology has been beneficial to call centers that can now automate caller authentication, personal identification number (PIN) reset, and other agent assisted processes, resulting in a compelling return on investment. We're pleased that our federal government is taking advantage of speaker verification capabilities to cost-effectively monitor the activities of its parolees and probationers."

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