Toronto Technology Firm Launches Next-Generation AI Chatbot, Rufus

Atomic X, an experiential artificial intelligence (AI) firm and consulting business, announced its emergence into the global AI marketplace with the launch of its flagship product, Rufus, the most advanced bot on the market to introduce complex chatbot automation combined with a traditional live-chat system.

Based on a proprietary blend of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and human-curated language sets, Rufus blurs the lines between person and machine by applying AI techniques to conversations and text data for the marketing and customer service industries. By uniting next generation AI technology with a unique interface design, Rufus turns a website into an engaging customer conversation for both SMEs and large enterprises, providing users with an advantage over traditional chat systems, which require operators to handle most incoming requests.

Atomic X and Rufus are helping businesses tap into their AI potential by cleaning up their data-strategy and setting up their technology and business systems in a way that will allow them to capitalize on the data they're generating.

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