Toshiba Unveils Latest Developments in Automatic Speech Recognition

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom - Toshiba Research Europe Limited unveiled the latest advances in its RandD program to produce the next version of its embedded ASR engine. Enhanced Toshiba ASR middleware with new levels of accuracy and functionality will officially be available in Q3 2004 in nine languages with more planned.


In addition, an enhanced version of Toshiba's online grammar loading and editing technology will give in-car systems greater knowledge (e.g. the ability to read titles from a CD) and users more functionality (e.g. "play me 'A Hard Day's Night'" instead of "play me track 5"). Users will be able to define and deliver an increased set of words and voice commands - from voice dialing anyone in their PDA address books to dictating emails.


The new middleware will also feature an advanced grammar optimization tool that allows application developers to create their own bespoke solutions.

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