TradeHarbor Launches Quick Start Program for Cable Operators

TradeHarbor, a provider of voice authentication as a Web service through its Voice Signature Service (VSS), has launched a "Quick Start" program for cable providers and entertainment content providers that includes free integration support and free use of the Voice Signature Service. For cable, VSS has specific applications in both customer service and TV Everywhere deployments.

TradeHarbor's VSS is used for remote authentication and as a direct replacement or adjunct for hand-written signatures. It is a Web service that has numerous applications in a number of industries, including banking/financial and healthcare, for remote transactions over the telephone or Internet, and on mobile devices.

Barry Babcock, TradeHarbor board member and former chairman of Charter Communications, said, "We are so confident of the significant return on investment for using the Voice Signature Service in the cable industry that we are offering free integration support and free use of the service to prove the ROI."

For customer service applications, the VSS can reduce consumer authentication time by two-thirds while increasing the convenience and customer satisfaction. For TV Everywhere applications, through the use of TradeHarbor's VoiceSig Mobile API, operators can securely authenticate individual subscribers in about nine seconds, providing secure access to purchased content and enabling new levels of parental controls with Anytime Anywhere access. 

According to Brad Hunt, a special advisor to TradeHarbor and former chief technology officer of the Motion Pictures Association of America, "The motion picture industry has been looking for a way to implement secure parental controls and remote access of high-value content by authentication of the user for nearly a decade. TradeHarbor's VSS can enable these services while preserving the privacy of the person."

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