TriSys Releases IP Call Recording Software

Trisys has released Replay SIP, a scalable module of its Replay Call Recording software solution that can be added to IP-based telephony systems.

With Replay SIP business can add call recording functionality for $300 per phone. The small footprint, scalable product also moves Replay to the forefront of options for new, predominantly IP phone system sales.

Replay SIP is a 100 percent software-based call recording solution. It is designed to record phone conversations taking place on SIP-based IP phone systems. It runs unobtrusively on networks, monitoring VoIP (Voice over IP) traffic for desired calls, and converts them in to call recordings. With Replay SIP installed, authorized users can access call recordings for quality assurance, regulatory compliance, dispute resolution, and much more.

"The Replay SIP Call Recording solution turns an IP-based telephone system into a tremendous management and productivity tool," noted Mike Shevelev, president of Trisys. "Implementation is very easy and cost-effective; the benefits are enormous and far-reaching. Because Replay SIP has a small footprint, scalability is never an issue: simply add multiple local or remotely located servers. This allows for rapid deployment, even in complex corporate environments."

Replay SIP supports most SIP-based IP telephone systems, saves recordings as standard WAV files, which can be automatically archived or deleted, supports on-demand and pause/resume recording providing that PBX and IP phones support RTP events as per RFC 2833/4733. Replay SIP is available as a software solution or as a complete turnkey solution, including software and hardware.

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