TuVox Launches TuVox On Demand 6.0

CUPERTINO, Calif. - TuVox, a leading provider of On Demand speech applications, today announced the launch of TuVox On Demand 6.0.  Many companies think world-class voice self-service is too costly and complex, and continue to use frustrating touch-tone technology as the first touch-point for customer service.  TuVox On Demand 6.0 provides conversational voice self-service applications to companies in a software-as-a-service model, where there is no need to install or upgrade software, and no up-front IT infrastructure investment is required.  Customers pay only for automated calls and access functionality through a web browser.  All TuVox applications are available on demand, including the award-winning Perfect Router, Knowledge Voice, and over 50 application modules. 

With hundreds of applications in production, TuVox realized that companies have a broad range of expectations regarding managing and updating their speech applications.  TuVox On Demand 6.0 provides flexibility that addresses the entire spectrum of control over the application.  Companies who prefer to outsource the management of speech applications can still use a web browser to change key aspects of the caller experience.  Companies who prefer to manage their applications with internal resources can use their web browser to access the TuVox Life Cycle Management Suite to update, extend and tune the applications directly.

TuVox On Demand 6.0 provides a rich set of web-based capabilities which enable TuVox customers to manage, update and change key aspects of the caller experience.  Customers can use their web browser to change or add key aspects of application flow and prompting in real-time, like changing the hours of the call center due to a weather event or simply adding new prompts. 

"TuVox On Demand 6.0 is a strong addition to the company's solution portfolio.  It provides customers with new features and greater levels of flexibility, both from a technology and a business standpoint," said Daniel Hong, senior voice business analyst at Datamonitor.  "The new web-based management capability gives enterprises the ability to self-manage their hosted speech applications and be more responsive to dynamic business changes."

TuVox On Demand 6.0 also provides customers with robust web-based reporting and application optimization analytics that provide insight into call trends and caller behavior. This enables both hosted and on-premise customers to understand the success rates of the applications, while providing better insight for on-going improvement and tuning.

In addition, with the TuVox Speech Investment Protection Plan, TuVox On Demand is the only on demand speech application technology that provides customers the ability to "own" a pure VXML application that is runtime-free.  This gives customers the greatest flexibility and ensures that their technology investment is not tied to a single vendor or platform.

"TuVox On Demand revolutionizes the delivery of speech applications.  In stark contrast with traditional custom application development, TuVox On Demand makes strong use of pre-built functionality and provides just the right amount of customization capability for customers," said Steve Pollock, executive vice president of products at TuVox.  "TuVox uniquely combines powerful voice self-service technology with the largest selection of conversational speech applications, which can be deployed in our world-class hosting facilities or on the customer's premise."

Visit TuVox booth #307 at SpeechTEK 2006 being held today through August 10 to learn more about TuVox On Demand 6.0.  For a first-hand experience of how TuVox's customers are delivering world class customer service, listen to their audio clips here: http://www.tuvox.com/customers.html.

About TuVox

TuVox is a leading provider of On Demand speech applications, empowering companies to deliver superior caller experience through the voice channel. Available as a hosted or on- premise solution, TuVox's award winning applications are easily customized to your business and can quickly be updated in response to business changes. TuVox speech applications automate virtually any type of call, including natural language call-routing, self-service transactions and interactive customer support. By delivering a superior caller experience, TuVox speech applications increase customer satisfaction and improve the adoption of voice self-service.  TuVox customers include companies such as Activision, ABN-AMRO, AvMed, Citibank, Canon, Gateway, Netflix, Office Depot, Time Customer Service, TiVo, TV Guide and the United States Postal Service.

To find out more about TuVox, please visit www.tuvox.com.


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