UTOPY Releases SpeechMiner 7.0

UTOPY, a provider of voice of the customer and performance optimization solutions powered by speech analytics, today unveiled the next generation of its speech analytics platform, UTOPY SpeechMiner 7.0, which combines speech categorization with automatic discovery and rapid ad-hoc search.

Simultaneously, UTOPY introduced two speech analytics-driven applications built on the UTOPY SpeechMiner 7.0 platform: UTOPY Intelligent QM and the next generation of UTOPY Intelligent Coaching. These new applications enable contact center performance management propelled by an analysis of agent performance.

“The pioneering spirit of UTOPY is once again apparent with the release of SpeechMiner 7.0, Intelligent QM, and the next generation of Intelligent Coaching,” said Paul Stockford, chief analyst at Saddletree Research and director of research at the National Association of Call Centers, in a statement. “UTOPY SpeechMiner 7.0 has the potential to redefine how the industry views contact center performance optimization.”

“This new release of the UTOPY SpeechMiner platform, particularly when combined with the new releases of our Coaching and QM applications, delivers much more business value much faster than any Speech Analytics solution previously could,” said Mike Miller, UTOPY’s vice president of customer strategy, also said in a statement. “By uniting the most accurate and complete speech categorization method with automatic discovery and rapid ad-hoc search, SpeechMiner 7.0 meets every business requirement with the best technology available.”

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