Univoice to Unveil New Language Learning App at SXSW Founder Louis Black's Home

Univoice emerged from stealth mode today at SXSW, announcing a public beta of its mobile app that teaches language through song, soon to be available for both Apple and Android users. The Univoice app allows users to sing along to songs in target languages with an immediate feedback loop as a way to accelerate and complement their overall learning program.

The Univoice method is based on years of scientific research that proves that listening and singing along to songs significantly improves mastering and retaining a new language. Data also shows improved results when students are allowed to speak a foreign language without fear of being judged for incorrectly pronouncing words and phrases. The Univoice app allows a student to practice independently, via a medium they are most likely already spending significant time doing, and receive instant analysis on their pronunciation. All the while, continuously building a greater bank of relevant words and phrases.

The public beta will be made available at 12 PM CST on March 16th, 2019 which coincides with the kickoff of the Univoice launch party taking place at the estate of Louis Black, the creator of SXSW, visionary behind iconic Austin Chronicle, Austin Film society, Austin Film Awards, and Austin Music Awards.

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