Verbble for iOS Extends Enterprise Speech Recognition to Apple’s iPhone and iPad

Verdatum, a provider of voice productivity and workflow solutions, has released the Verbble iOS application, available now as a free download at the iTunes AppStore for the iPhone and iPad.

The Verbble iOS application extends the speech recognition-driven voice input capabilities central to the Verbble solution without impacting the traditional typing and clicking within the form. Designed to both leverage and extend the capabilities of the iOS platform, the application boasts a simple and elegant user experience with full connectivity to the Verbble platform, providing highly accurate speech recognition results via a specifically trained profile of the user’s voice and vocabulary.

Templates, forms, and applications are easily imported to the Verbble system and then distributed over-the-air to the iPhone or iPad. Once published, users can choose the form they want to work with from a list within the Verbble application. Upon selection the user completes the form by simply talking, typing in, or clicking on the desired fields. All voice input continually fills in as you move through the form within the iOS app, making it up to five times faster than any other means of input on the iPhone or iPad. Saving the data processed through the application back to the user’s system is handled automatically with a single tap.

"More and more businesses and workers are using iPhones and iPads for their work every day, despite the previously unaddressed input limitations and frustrations," said John Methfessel, president and CEO of Verdatum. "Those who picked the iPhone and iPad can now be more productive, efficient, and safer in and out of the office by using Verbble. For instance, Verbble lets that salesperson en route to or from an appointment fill in their sales database forms and notes using their voice, so it's done faster and contemporaneous with the appointment."

Methfessel continued, "Verbble users love the elimination of the paperwork and data input backlog. The always connected nature of the iPhone and iPad provided the promise of truly working on the road, but having Verbble running on their iOS device finally allows that promise to be fully realized. We've always been on the forefront of innovation in voice workflow, and Verbble running on iOS continues that tradition."

Supported voice recognition languages include U.S., U.K., Australian, and Indian-accented English, Latin American and European Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Dutch.

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