Video Takes Front Stage in Envox 7.1

Envox Worldwide has released the newest version of its communications development platform, Envox 7.1. The updated version includes new features for the interactive voice response (IVR), but also contains video capabilities that point toward a 3G-enabled mobile future.

John Joseph, Envox's vice president of corporate marketing, says video via mobile phone has increased in popularity throughout Europe and Asia due to both continents' 3G networks. Though the video technology is now used almost solely for entertainment value, video in the call center realm could be the next step. "We expect over time that the video will really become omnipresent, and integrated in our lives in all ways," he states. "Because of that, there will be much more in the contact center realm."

He cites the concept of 'video-on-hold' as a means to use visuals while callers wait for a live agent, replacing the spoken advertisements of promotions typically played on the IVR. "Television, video, multimedia presentations, have always been the holy grail of advertising," Joseph says. "It's a lot easier to establish yourself in video than it is in audio; but harder to pull off."

Though Envox 7.0 contained video capabilities, the most recent version comes equipped with the ability to make streaming video available to end users, which Joseph says means more content and longer videos. But will video on a 3G phone take off in the states? Joseph thinks so, but notes that it will take time for the U.S. and other countries to adjust to the idea.

"[3G networks] go both with the technology and the orientation of people," Joseph claims. "I think the gap is closing, actually, but traditionally there has been a lot more orientation about cell phones and mobility, and that personal nature of the phone. But definitely we're seeing that really take off inthe last five years."

The new version is also IP-enabled, meaning Envox's products can comply with various networks—whether a user is in Asia or America. Using IP-enabled applications means Envox can help create unified communications solutions for the IVR, IVVR, outbound dialing, multimodal contact center, and video customer service. Envox can then deliver information through either speech, video messaging, streaming video, email, fax, or SMS.

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