Vlingo Launches Virtual Assistant for the Brits

Vlingo today released a new version of its popular Virtual Assistant localized for U.K. users on all Android phones. By combining voice recognition, natural language processing and Vlingo's proprietary Intent Engine, the Vlingo Virtual Assistant understands the user's intent and takes the desired action. Users simply speak to their phone to send text and email messages, search the web, get directions on Google maps, update Facebook or Twitter status, and more. Vlingo helps users to do just about anything while on the go.

"The United Kingdom is already the second largest market for Vlingo," said Ashley Griffiths, managing director of Europe, the  Middle East, and Africa at Vlingo. "We are excited to add localized English language for Android to give our U.K. users more accurate speech recognition results as well as improved local search. We feel Vlingo sets a new standard for the Virtual Assistant in the U.K."

Through Vlingo's app or a homescreen widget, Android users can:

  • send a text or email message: Text John; lets meet for coffee tomorrow morning;
  • search the Web using Google or Yahoo!: Premier league fixtures;
  • call a contact: ring Jane's mobile;
  • send and respond to messages, make calls, and get directions without ever taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel with Vlingo InCar;
  • have incoming email and text messages read aloud via SafeReader;
  • update Facebook or Twitter status: Update Facebook; in Covent Garden having lunch!;
  • check in, connect with friends, or shout out an update on foursquare;
  • speak into any application with the Vlingo Everywhere voice keyboard;
  • launch virtually any application: open calendar.

Vlingo is available for Android 2.x and above. U.K. users can download Vlingo on device from the Android Market for free. Vlingo is also available on the Samsung Apps marketplace on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

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