VocaLabs Announces VocaLabs-Professional

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - Vocal Laboratories, announces VocaLabs-Professional, or VocalPro, a research tool designed for ongoing usability and satisfaction testing.

VocalPro is designed to make it easier to conduct performance tests on prototype applications at any stage of development. It also enables VocaLabs' partners to include usability studies in the development and marketing of smaller speech applications.

Any VocaLabs client can purchase Panelist Research Units (PRU's) in quantities of 1,500 or more. A PRU equals one test call and one completed questionnaire response in a VocaLabs study. Upon completing a VocaLabs study, the appropriate number of PRU's is deducted from the client's balance. This allows the client to avoid setup charges and minimum sizes, making it economical to perform research on a smaller scale, and providing cost savings for larger clients. When PRU's are purchased in sufficient volume, the total cost of a VocaLabs study can be as low as $6.50 per participant, regardless of the project size.
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