VocaLabs Introduces Interactive Drill Down

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - Vocal Laboratories, the developer of usability surveys for customer service, introduced Interactive Drill Down for improved survey analysis. Interactive Drill Down allows clients to identify trouble and failure spots in customer service applications and to create sub-reports on callers who had difficulty with a client service application. Interactive Drill Down enables direct access to summarized information by panelists' demographics and responses. Clients may examine particular groups of panelists of interest, based on survey answers, demographics, and call statistics. For example, a survey with 500 panelists asked the question "How satisfied are you with your call?" and 10% reported being very dissatisfied. Using Interactive Drill Down, one click provides a summary of how that 10% of the callers answered the other survey questions. A second click provides a demographic breakdown of the very dissatisfied callers to check for patterns such as age, accent or income levels. Other report choices include call statistics, how each of these individuals answered all the questions and recordings of the actual calls. Interactive Drill Down gives senior management access to survey data in summarized form. With Interactive Drill Down it is now faster to examine the data in different levels of detail and find hot spots in customer service applications. At the click of a button you can compare multiple panelists' responses and results. "We want to help our clients be more productive and more profitable by having an overview of the entire project as well as snapshots of the direct survey at any given point", said Rick Rappe, VP of Business Development at VocaLabs. "Interactive Drill Down came about because of client requests for more efficient ways of analyzing data. This saves thousands of dollars per event by quickly isolating the exact nature and cause of application trouble spots," commented Peter U. Leppik, CEO of VocaLabs.
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