Vocantas Signs Agreement With 4S DAWN Software

OTTAWA - Vocantas Inc. signed a letter of intent with 4S Dawn Software (Division of 4S Information Systems of England) to develop and market an integrated solution. Through this agreement both firms work to integrate their respective solution with the goal of increasing effectiveness in the area of chronic disease management.

Many patients using medication such as Warfarin can benefit from this new solution. Doctor Marc Rodger, head of the Thrombosis Program at the Ottawa Hospital, scientist/associate professor with the Ottawa Health Research Institute and the University of Ottawa stated, "Warfarin is a commonly used blood thinner (over 250,000 patients on Warfarin in Canada alone). Warfarin is used to treat vein blood clots and prevent strokes in patients with irregular heart rhythm. Warfarin requires regular blood testing to ensure that the blood is not too thin (causing bleeding) or thick (not protecting against blood clots). This leads to many logistical challenges in ensuring timely communication of lab results to health care providers for dosing changes and timely and accurate communication of dosing changes to patients. DAWN, a computerized Warfarin dosing system, has been shown in very well conducted studies to be superior at dosing Warfarin than health care providers. With CallAssure CDM providing automated reminder messages for patients to go for blood testing and automated dosing instruction messages, safety and efficiency of Warfarin monitoring will undoubtedly improve."

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