Vocent Announces Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Vocent, the developer of voiceprint authentication solutions, announced the availability of Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0, its voiceprint-enabled password reset solution. Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0 is an enterprise software solution that uses speaker verification and speech recognition to authenticate user identity claims by voice, thus permitting secure automation of password reset telephone calls to IT help desks. Enhancements in the new release include support of identity management systems, single step reset of a password across multiple systems and more efficient application automation and manageability. Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0 enables customers to integrate voiceprint authentication of users with an enterprise's preferred identity management system. These new adapters support BMC CONTROL-SA, Netegrity SiteMinder, and Courion PasswordCourier. By integrating with these identity management systems, Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0 permits customers to leverage their investments in the system connectivity provided by these solutions while increasing the overall automation level achieved for password reset. "Vocent's password reset product complements CONTROL-SA, our enterprise security solution," stated BMC Software's Senior Director of Security Business Development, Ran Tamir. "Our product provides simplified password management for all enterprise security systems from a central point of control. Vocent's product extends our solution to the telephony channel while adding biometric security." Gideon Shoham, CEO of M-Tech sees similar value in integrating with the newly released version of Voice Secure - Password Reset. "Vocent's Voice Secure solutions enable us to extend our full-service identity management products to multiple channels," Shoham said. "By integrating with Vocent's solutions, end users are now able to access our P-Synch password management solution conveniently via the telephone, which is a natural interface for this type of application." Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0 also includes a new Multi-System Module that reduces complexity in resetting passwords for users with multiple accounts or who access multiple backend systems. The simplification of multi-system password reset is an urgent need, as evidenced by Gartner's reporting that corporations now average eight unique user IDs and passwords per employee. Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0 resolves this issue through a speech recognition dialog which saves users and help desk agents time by eliminating the need to individually reset passwords for each backend system associated with a specific account. In addition to these new features, Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0 includes improved application manageability. The new release includes additional reports for monitoring authentication system performance, such as average daily enrollments, number of first-time enrollments and the percentage of enrollments which required multiple attempts. The latest release also delivers increased availability through extended uptime monitoring (including SNMP and SMTP alerts) and improved fail-over support. "Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0 is a robust, full-featured enterprise software solution for automating password resets," said Chuck Buffum, President and CEO of Vocent. "We have developed the necessary product features and functionality to provide a fully integrated and implemented solution in the customer's environment in 30 to 60 days. And with our integration with the industry-leading identity management products, Voice Secure - Password Reset leverages our customers' investments in those products, thus extending their reach to the telephone channel. This makes Vocent the company to turn to for automating password resets through speech."
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