Vocent Unveils Voiceprint Authentication Prototype

Vocent Solutions, the provider of voiceprint authentication solutions, unveiled a voiceprint authentication prototype at the DEMO 2003 Conference.

Vocent showcased a voiceprint authentication prototype applicable to securely conducting e-commerce transactions or gaining access to secure data in an enterprise network. This prototype illustrates the vision of extending voiceprint authentication into IP-based data networks, such as the Internet, giving enterprises a way to confidently identify consumers beyond today's availability of voiceprint authentication in telephone applications.

Vocent currently provides packaged solutions for telephony-based voiceprint authentication; namely, Voice Secure-Confirmed Caller and Voice Secure-Password Reset, which can automate authentication in more than 90-percent of telephone-based transactions that otherwise require expensive agent time to confirm a caller's claimed identity or reset a password.

Future solutions by Vocent will leverage voiceprints across the data network, providing a strategic opportunity for enterprises and consumers alike to securely automate transactions regardless of the channel used. Vocent's prototype shown at Demo 2003 uses voiceprint authentication to control network access to sensitive employee information; however, the concept behind this prototype is readily extended to address applications governed by privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and similar requirements.

Chuck Buffum, CEO and President of Vocent, reiterates, "Voiceprints can be used as the strategic foundation of user authentication across internal help desks, customer contact centers, and ultimately the web environment. Vocent is committed now, and going forward, to providing packaged voiceprint authentication solutions that allow businesses and consumers to benefit from the convenience and security that voiceprint authentication provides."

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