Voci Releases Latest Version of V-Spark Voice Analytics

Voci Technologies, a provider of speech-to-text transcription and analytics, today released V-Spark Voice Analytics 2.0. with new customizable scorecard applications for more personalized call analysis and agent evaluation.

V-Spark 2.0 also contains a variety of new features to improve search capabilities, emotional intelligence, and trending topic monitoring.

V-Spark Voice Analytics allows users to visualize their audio using speech recognition and natural language-enabled text analysis technologies. V-Spark produces voice transcriptions, uses sophisticated search and analysis algorithms, and has an open environment for integration with third-party systems.

V-Spark can process audio in near real-time and examine up to a million calls per day using patented hardware acceleration technology. Its Web-based interface helps users to extract valuable customer insights and trends about products, processes, and services from voice surveys and call center calls.

The principal new feature that V-Spark 2.0 has to offer is the Application Editor, which allows users to modify Voci’s preconfigured Agent Scorecard or create their own scorecards.

"V-Spark's Application Editor is intuitive and doesn't require knowledge of complex search queries, making scorecard development easy for everyone," said Anthony Gadient, Voci's CEO, in a statement.

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