Voice Biometrics Is in the Latest Updates from Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification and object recognition technologies, has released new versions of its product line of software development kits (SDKs) for biometric fingerprint, face, iris, and voice identification and object recognition. The latest versions include VeriFinger 6.5, VeriLook 5.2, VeriLook Surveillance 2.1, VeriEye 2.5, VeriSpeak 1.1, and MegaMatcher 4.3 for biometric fingerprint, face, iris, voice and multi-biometric identification, respectively, as well as SentiSight 3.1 for object recognition and robotic vision applications.

The updated product line also includes new embedded versions of VeriFinger, VeriLook, and MegaMatcher as well as the introduction of VeriEye Embedded for iris, VeriSpeak Embedded for voice, and SentiSight Embedded object recognition technologies for use in smartphones and other mobile devices.

"Our new product line includes updates to all of our main SDKs, allowing customers to develop faster and more reliable applications," said Algimantas Malickas, CEO of Neurotechnology, in a statement. "The new versions of our embedded SDKs can be used on Android devices for development of a full-range of single or multi-modal biometrics applications and object recognition systems, from simple smartphone applications to large governmental projects."

Updates to Neurotechnology's biometric and object recognition algorithms provide a number of enhancements over previous versions. VeriSpeak 1.1 SDK includes the addition of new pause detection technology and the ability to recognize both unique pass-phrases for each user as well as fixed phrases that are the same for all users by recognizing the user's unique voice. With the introduction of VeriSpeak Embedded 1.0 SDK that uses the VeriSpeak 1.1 algorithm, voiceprint identification is now possible for use in smartphones and other mobile devices.

MegaMatcher 4.3 SDK for large-scale biometric solutions includes all improved algorithms, making it possible to develop multi-biometric solutions using any combination of fingerprint, face, iris and voice identification technologies for added accuracy and reliability. MegaMatcher Embedded 1.1 SDK includes all new embedded versions.

All embedded SDKs are designed for the Java development environment and support the Android operating system.

The new Neurotechnology product line is available with licensing options through Neurotechnology or from distributors worldwide. 30-day trial versions with full functionality are also available for download.

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