Voice.Trust Announces its New Voice-Portal Strategy

MUNICH, Germany - Voice.Trust announces its new voice-portal strategy. Carrying the success from enterprise applications, such as automated password reset and two-factor authentication, to large end-user Voice-Portals, where the Voice.Trust server acts as a general secure authentication gateway, the Voice.Trust Server protects services or transactions from unauthorized access or manipulation. Now fraud-free pay services can be offered via voice portals. Speech applications are already widely used for free services. While the full automation of standard requests and simple services via a voice portal has already led to high cost savings for many organizations, the use of speech applications has been limited up to now for security sensitive and pay services. Now, thanks to the caller authentication of the Voice.Trust server, even high security services such as online banking, signing up for a mobile phone or securely changing a PIN number or password can be carried out via a voice portal with the simple addition of the Voice.Trust server 5.0.
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