Voicebox Moves to the Cloud

Voicebox is releasing Voicebox Cloud, a Web-based version of its conversational artificial intelligence platform to help businesses manage the complexities of voice and natural language while they add natural, conversational user experiences to their products and customer interactions.

Voicebox Cloud gives developers streamlined, web-based tools for building conversational experiences. Out-of-the-box application programming interfaces (APIs) share data between Voicebox Cloud and back-end systems for importing application ontology or taxonomy, domain-specific information, such as product catalogs, and representative utterances from users. An analytics dashboard with APIs for integrating conversation data and analytics with back-end systems and existing BI processes enable users to assess customer interactions in near real time.

Also included is an assortment of classifiers and labelers to suit a wide range of scenarios, a core deep learning engine, automated training data generation and diversification for preliminary models, model behavior driven by product ontologies or taxonomies, and a built-in continuous improvement cycle, enabling your conversational AI experience to increase in breadth and depth the more customers use it.

Voicebox Cloud's power comes from a set of conversational intelligences built on Voicebox’s natural language technology. Conversational intelligences are tailored to common use cases and supply a large fraction of the functionality necessary for conversational interfaces.

Voicebox's roadmap of conversational intelligences includes the following:

  • Product Intelligence, which gives conversational applications the ability to hold smart conversations with customers about products;
  • Location Intelligence, which enables stress-free navigation experiences, acting as a smart co-pilot to help drivers identify and reach their destinations even in unfamiliar geographic regions;
  • Customer Care Intelligence, which supports customer assistance, product repair, and delivery scenarios; and
  • Device Intelligence, which provides both the operating manual and access to device operating functions in a conversational style and other devices-related capabilities the Internet of Things (IoT) requires.

The first key feature of Product Intelligence is Semantic Search, which gives search engines conversational capabilities by mapping naturally-spoken customer queries onto existing search infrastructures.

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leveraging cloud computing platforms from Kubernetes and OpenShift while exploiting the latest frameworks for containerization, service development, and security, Voicebox Cloud is ready for high-volume scenarios.

The beta release of Voicebox Cloud will take place in the first quarter of 2018, with general availability in the second quarter. Voicebox will roll out additional Product Intelligence features, including purchasing, comparisons, recommendations, and others, later in the year.

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