Voicemails Forever Partners with Zang

Just in time for Valentine's Day next week, Voicemails Forever is now using Zang's all-in-one cloud communications platform and applications-as-a-service to enable its customers to capture and save voicemail messages, ensuring cherished voice messages from loved ones are never lost or accidentally deleted.

Most voicemail messages reside within the country's wireless communications service provider networks. Most major carriers automatically delete saved voicemail messages from their systems after a month, causing customers to lose important messages that held great sentimental value.

Developed in 2012, Voicemails Forever changed all that. By integrating Zang's applications-as-a-service platform, Voicemails Forever customers can now permanently save memorable voice messages— everything from a classic joke from a friend to a loved one's last words.

"Just in time for Valentine's Day, Zang Cloud will help our customers preserve their precious moments and memories, one voicemail at a time," said David Poloner, founder of Voicemails Forever, in a statement. "Over the past few years, Voicemails Forever has helped thousands of people save more than two million voicemails permanently as mp3 files."

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