Voicera Launches Eva, an Assistant to Capture Meeting Notes

Voicera has begun a free open beta for an in-meeting artificial intelligence agent that listens, transcribes, takes notes, and identifies important moments in meetings and captures them as follow up. Voicera gains access to meetings through its enterprise voice assistant, Eva, which activates and sits in on those meetings.

"Meetings are the most important collaboration tool in the workplace, more so than email, IM, or other collaboration systems, yet they are the most inefficient, underperforming, and effectively siloed portion of our day," said Omar Tawakol, CEO and co-founder of Voicera, in a statement. "Our goal is to integrate meetings into the enterprise workflow and dramatically increase the productivity of both the in-meeting and post-meeting experience. Meetings should be the crucibles where ideas are born, tested, evolved, and ultimately gain flight."

Users first engage Voicera with Eva. Eva gathers real-time conversational data by joining the conference call, listening, taking notes and actions in meetings, and surfacing them in the Voicera platform. Users then enter the platform to review, edit, and share highlights and pinpoint actions for follow up. Those moments can be gathered from any phone or conference call or directly through Voicera's integration with BlueJeans video meeting platform. This content can then be shared via Slack and email as well as synched to CRM platforms.

Eva quietly tracks the conversation and can be activated with simple voice commands or tap functions from the tool's online dashboard. With the Meeting X-Ray function, Eva highlights key themes and the direction of conversations, which then link back to audible sections from the call.

Voicera developed Eva to work with all existing conference systems, including audio and video as well as direct one-to-one phone calls.

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